Meet the team – Sam Mann (he/him)

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Economics at Vanderbilt University where I work with the LGBT+ Policy Lab on several projects relating to the effect of LGBT+ policies on the outcomes of LGBT+ people. I have extensive experience in using UK and international datasets to explore the outcomes of sexual minorities, how they differ from those of heterosexuals, and the role of policy in closing these differentials. Broadly, as an economist, my expertise relate to the use of quasi-experimental models to isolate causal effects of policies on the outcomes of sexual minorities.

As part of the team on the LGBTQ+ Assets and Welfare Project I will be working on the quantitative analysis of numerous data sources to explore welfare benefit access and use among sexual minorities compared to heterosexuals as well as the asset accumulation and debt of sexual minorities, for the first time.

I am really looking forward to using numerous UK datasets to explore further the wealth, assets, and debt differentials among sexual minorities, given that these have not yet been explored, but should be considered during the policy making process. The project will give important information to policy makers regarding the welfare, wealth, and debt of queer people and will help to evaluate policy. Given my background in quasi-experimental methods I am particularly interested in exploring the causal effect of policies on the wealth accumulation, debt accumulation, and welfare access and take up of sexual minorities.

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