Meet the team – Eleanor(El) Formby (she/her)

Hi! I’m Eleanor (she/her), most people call me El, and I’m a Reader in Sociology and Youth Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. I’m a cis lesbian woman, and have two main (overlapping) research interests:

  1. Understandings and experiences of LGBT+ communities, including LGBT+ people’s feelings of belonging (or not), and their experiences of particular spaces, such as the scene or Pride events. I could talk about this all day long! And I wrote a book about it
  2. Young LGBT+ people’s life experiences, particularly related to school or youth work. I’ve done a fair few research projects on this, and published various articles. Another book coming too!

Recently I was involved in research on LGBT+ homelessness, so I think this project on LGBT+ experiences of welfare, wealth, or debt is really important. I’m hoping people will want to speak to us, and that we can try make a difference through what we find out. I’m happy for people to contact me by email ( or on Twitter @EleanorFormby.

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