Welfare Access, Assets And Debts Of LGBT+ People In Great Britain

LGB access to welfare benefits

In a post last month we considered LGB people’s housing situation, suggesting that the high proportion of LGB people living in private rented housing will mean they might be particularly affected by welfare reform, especially due to reduced Housing Benefit rates for younger people. Since then, in the Autumn Statement, the UK Government has announced

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Trans day of remembrance

Today is the global Trans Day of Remembrance, marked since 1999 to commemorate the disproportionate number of trans people who are victims of violence, stigma and prejudice. Around the world trans activists and allies will be holding vigils, or other commemorative events, and keeping in-mind those we have lost. This project is trans-inclusive – we

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LGBT+ people and housing

In our last blog post we covered some of the issues we face in the project just using statistical data to understand LGB lives in the UK. In the first of two blog posts, we now want to present some initial findings from our project where we have analysed data from Understanding Society, the UK

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How do we actually know if someone is lesbian, gay or bisexual?

We have had quite a busy summer on the project advancing our statistical analysis of people who identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual, so this is the first of three posts that present these initial findings. This blog post is being written just after an actor was forced to disclose his bisexuality due to online

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Pride Month

June is Pride month! This links to the famous Stonewall riots which began in June 1969 in response to police brutality in New York City. London’s first pride march, 50 years ago, was chosen to be the nearest Saturday to this date. And we’re a proud bunch in the research team, with PI Peter Matthews,

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Meet the team – Paul Lambert (he/him)

We hoped to get these blog posts written and posted early-on in the project, but one thing led to another, and here’s the final post! Hi, I’m Paul Lambert, I’m a Professor of Sociology at the University of Stirling. I do research work on topics related to social stratification and inequality, and on methodology in

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Lesbian Day of Visibility

It’s Lesbian Visibility Week so we thought we’d share some of our projects preliminary findings about welfare equality for lesbians. Often LGBT+ data analysis just lumps LGBT+, or LGB, people together, ignoring the vast differences between them. This has been a problem for lesbians throughout the centuries of LGBT+ activism – the privilege of gay

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Trans Day of Visibility

Today, 31 March, is Trans Day of Visibility. In this research project, a large portion of our work is secondary analysis of existing datasets based on population-level surveys of Great Britain – particularly Understanding Society and the ONS Wealth and Assets Survey. However, these datasets only ask about sexual identity – whether someone is heterosexual,

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Meet the team – Sam Mann (he/him)

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Economics at Vanderbilt University where I work with the LGBT+ Policy Lab on several projects relating to the effect of LGBT+ policies on the outcomes of LGBT+ people. I have extensive experience in using UK and international datasets to explore the outcomes of sexual minorities, how

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